About Us

Who We Are

Orthosciences, Inc. was founded by Drs. Wenyan Shi and Eric Kang Ting, along with CEO, Bryce Benjamin, to develop products that address the unique needs of children and others who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. The products arise out of Dr. Shi’s oral biology research and Dr. Kang Ting’s clinical orthodontic teaching experience. The Team is initially focused on products that help reduce the accumulation of damaging bacteria and food matter on the teeth around the brackets of braces wearers, and ORTHOCARE toothpaste is the Company’s first product. It includes special amino acids, which naturally occur in the body, to help clean tooth surfaces and keep them clean, especially around brackets attached to the teeth.


Dr. Wenyuan Shi

Dr. Wenyuan Shi, Founder and Scientific Advisor

Dr. Wenyuan Shi was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Forsyth Insitute on September 1, 2017. Before his appointment, Shi was Chairman and Professor of Oral Biology at UCLA School of Dentistry. Shi’s laboratory has been using multidisciplinary approaches to study oral microbial pathogenesis with a specific focus on microbial biofilm, inter-species interaction and signal transduction. In addition, Shi’s laboratory is actively involved in the development of next generation diagnostic and therapeutic tools against oral microbial infections, including instant chairside detection of oral pathogens and peptide-based targeted antimicrobial therapeutics. These translational research efforts have resulted in novel technologies that are licensed and developed by major pharmaceutical, dental and biotech companies.

Dr. Kang Ting

Dr. Kang Ting, Founder and Clinical Advisor

Dr. Kang Ting was the Founding Chair and a Professor in the Division of Growth and Development at the UCLA School of Dentistry. The Division comprises the Sections of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. Besides his teaching and clinical responsibilities in Orthodontics, Ting ‘s research was responsible for discovering the NELL-1 protein in 1996, which has a powerful effect on tissue-specific stem cells that create bone-building cells. He was also a part of a groundbreaking collaboration that sent mice to space to test the efficacy of an osteoporosis therapy based on the NELL-1 protein.

Bryce Benjamin

Bryce Benjamin, Founder & CEO

Mr. Benjamin is a Los Angeles based serial entrepreneur and CEO of technology companies. He is also a seasoned angel investor with over twenty-five years of experience investing in early-stage ventures and leading them to market success. Bryce and Dr. Shi have known and collaborated with each other over many years and this is the third dental company project they have worked on together.